The Research Forest

The forest industry and forestry-dependent communities are challenged by a variety of social, economic and environmental changes. In order to help address questions from industry, woodlot owners and the scientific community, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) maintains two national research forests: Acadia and Petawawa. These living laboratories have a long legacy of providing scientific data that inform researchers and practitioners about long-term trends to help them address forestry issues for both the present and the future.

In addition to a multitude of projects, the PRF is also home to a grid of over 500 Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) – all of which are measured regularly to monitor growth and yield, mortality, and biodiversity. Natural reserves are also a component of the PRF, with thirteen on site. These areas have been left undisturbed since the 1940’s and are measured periodically to track ecological processes.

For more information see the Canadian Forest Service website.


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