The PRF is host to many activities and events, both scientific and recreational. As such there is an extensive road and trail system and we hope these maps will give you some insight into our forest. 

Note trails are open to people; however, roads are gated and vehicle access is limited.

Our Trails Coordinator is Frank Knaapen


Disclaimer: These maps come from a variety of sources and as such we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The Friends of the Petawawa Research Forest, Inc. is not responsible for any mishap that may occur due to the use of an incorrect map obtained from this website.


You can download a printable copy of the maps below by clicking on the image:

General Public User Map



PRF R-road map



Trail Map

PRF Trail Map jpg

Ski and Snowshoe Trails, November, 2022:

PRF Ski & Snowshoe Trails Nov 2202


Snowshoe Trails, November, 2022:

PRF Snowshoe Trails Official Map 2021


Note that a PRF Trails map is available for free on the Avenza app.  People can use this app off-line with their GPS enabled smartphone.   


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