Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers.    Election to the Board is by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in the late autumn of each year. Nominations can be put forward by any member in good standing for any other member who accepts the nomination.  Officers are appointed by the Board at their first meeting following the AGM.

We also have one or more student volunteers from Algonquin College assist us on the Board.

If you would like more information on the Board of Directors, or to nominate somebody to the Board, please contact Robin Cunningham (

2022-23 Board of Directors:

Robin C2                                                    

President and Chair (2022): Robin Cunningham

Vice-President (2022): Frank Knaapen

Secretary (2022): Murray Woods

Treasurer (2022): Peter Arbour

Media (2002): John Pineau

Cash Allard   

Murray Woods 

Wayne Reid 

Cynthia Wolfgram 

Rhys Hoffman 

Debby Barsi 

Sionaid Eggett

Christina Blaskavitch


Algonquin College Student Reps: 

Ashley MacRae

Eric Leger





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