Ongoing Work at the PRF

Today, the Petawawa Research Forest is home to many important research studies, encompassing areas from silviculture and tree genetics to fire and remote sensing techniques, all of which inform best practices in forest management. With the combination of history, experimental sites, and data, the Petawawa Research Forest offers unique opportunities for both long-term and short-term research.

Petawawa Research Forest Virtual Tour – created by the Canadian Institute of Forestry


Adapting Forests for Climate Change” – Article from the Ontario Woodlander by Glen Prevost


Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change at the PRF” – Project description by Glen Prevost


Shining a Light on Forests” – Article about LiDAR and Advanced Forest Inventory from the Canadian Institute of Forestry’s Forestry Success Stories – Volume 2, by Melissa Vekeman


Petawawa – the Relevant Research Forest” – Article from the Forestry Chronicle, by Loni Pierce


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