The Friends of the Petawawa Research Forest was established to support, promote, and protect the Petawawa Research Forest (PRF) for continued scientific study, environmental education, and public recreation.

The Friends of the Petawawa Research Forest, Inc. was established by a group of volunteers in 2002 to:

  • create awareness of the valuable potential of the Petawawa Research Forest (PRF) for continuing scientific study, education, and public recreation
  • generate support for the PRF through a non-political, non-profit organization with charitable status and which is at arms-length from the government
  • help secure the viability and future of the PRF
  • promote environmental awareness among children and youth through formal instruction and hands-on opportunities

2 thoughts on “Objectives

  1. Dear Sir/Madame:

    In 1994, my book Places to Go, People to See, All Across Canada was published by Scholastic Canada, under my maiden name: E. Joan Abeles. The book garnered favourable reviews and its press run of 16,000 copies sold out. The Petawawa Research Forest was among the sites featured.
    The rights have now reverted to me and I am preparing an updated version of the book for re-issue by Carrick Publishing. I would like to include the Petawawa Research Forest again with a photograph (jpg). Credit will of course be given

    Is it possible to send me by email a jpg of a photo? I would be most grateful….

    Yours truly,

    E. Joan (Abeles) O’Callaghan

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